Online appointment system


What is OAS?

OAS is web based online appointment software system. It facilitates the consultants to avail their appointments online, hassle-free reservation; this helps their clients to enjoy ahead-of-time, affirmative appointment booking. Thus, OAS helps the consultants and their clients add to the value of their times and professional availability.

Will OAS suit my business?

OAS is designed to be a platform agnostic solution. So, Dnyandeep is sure that it will suit your business.

How can I start using OAS?

It is simple. Dnyandeep have set up a demo of this software which also simulates payment process without actually going through it. Please feel free to try it as many times as you want. Once confident and satisfied with it, feel free to communicate with us and we will come back with a package that suits exactly to your needs. You can also have the registration process explained by clicking here.

Is there a manual or instruction book that explains how to use OAS?

Yes! We have prepared a simple getting-started guide in PDF format. You can also view the document online by clicking here.

Can I use OAS in any country? What if the currency in my country is not listed in the system?

The system is designed keeping in mind that it can work in any country, however internationalization includes integration of different payment gateways. You can use OAS in any country with full booking and marketing functionality. However, the payment features currently support Indian Rupees at the moment. We are working to add additional currencies to the list and will keep you informed.

I do not have a website. Can I still use OAS?

Definitely. However, as the application needs to run off a domain, we can provide necessary domain booking and hosting facilities.

I already have a website. How can I add OAS functionality to my website?

Yes! It is simple. Place our handy “Book now” buttons on your website. They will take your customers directly to your online calendar.

I don't have any servers or IT infrastructure. Can I use OAS?

Sure. OAS is deployed as complete web based application software, so each bit of information is stored on server, you/your client user can use this system with no special requirements on his side.

I have several staff. Will they be able to see everything in the system?

OAS is built with complete role-based access control. However, at the moment, OAS provides only one system administrator. OAS features a tiered access level functionality as its core that allows the account holder (normally the business owner) to decide who gets to see what. The account holder can at any time change, add or take away access rights for staff in the system at any time. We are working on it and will avail it once it is ready.

How secure is OAS?

OAS uses the highest level of encryption and SSL technology for making payments. For payment processing, OAS currently uses CCAvenue™, which is one of the most secure online payment methods online.

Will it cost more if I have several employees and offer a range of services?

Please get in touch with us and we will provide you an effective package tailored to your needs.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us through feedback form facility provided through website and our representative will get back to you about your inquiry.

Are there any limits on how many bookings I can take each month?

No, you are the master of your business. So, there are no limits placed.

What if I need to take a booking over the phone or in person?

You can definitely utilize this very same system for this purpose. Your support staff can use front-end to serve visitors trying to book over phone or in person.