Online appointment system


Client booking, 24/7

client-booking.pngYou can book appointments online at any time and at any place in the world.It is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.Enable easy access to your remote patients.

Accept online payments

online-payent.pngYou can pay online by using credit cards, debit cards and netbanking facilities from all major indian banks.

Client History

client-history.pngManage clients contacts efficiently and client list report helps you to always keep in touch with them.

Instant notification of new appointments

notification-email.pngThere is automatic emailing system. When an appointement is scheduled or payment is received, an email is sent instantly to the client and consultant.

Booking interface

interface1.pngBooking interface for you (admin) and your client is simple, user friendlly and nice looking.


security.pngThis is 100% safe and secure

Report generation

report-generation.pngYou can manage clients or get the list of clients by generating report. Also you can get the reports of daily appointments, list of visitors, list of system members. You can also avail custom reports as per requirements.


customization.pngCustomisable to your requirements. Additional features can be plugged-in whenever you need

Save time

save-time2.pngQuick registration — within a minute. You can save your and your clients time and you'll start your own booking-service.

Added service

added-Service-.pngIt reduces workload and easy to use by all parties.It is useful for enhancing client and staff services.

New features coming soon

new-features1.pngWe are continuously improving and adding some new features.